PP Non-Woven Bags

With more than 60 years of growth and development, Hong Ha Stationery Joint Stock Company has constantly made efforts to research and market hundreds of high quality products, which are safe for health and body, and friendly with the environment. The successful export of non-woven bag products to the choosy US market has confirmed the steady progress of Hong Ha brand. This is also a great encouragement for staffs of Hong Ha to continue striving, constantly innovating, creating and applying advanced technology to improve the efficiency of production and business, in order to gradually dominate the international market.
Right from the middle of the second quarter of 2020, Hong Ha has urgently completed the factory preparation, boldly invested 1 millions USD in the production lines of non-woven bags – the products which are being favored in major markets around the world such as the EU, the US, etc. The company also pays attention to recruiting and training a team of new and experienced personnel to develop new products.
After more than 2 months of efforts, in August 2020, the first twenty containers of non-woven bags produced by Hong Ha were officially exported to the US market. In the upcoming time, Hong Ha Stationery Joint Stock Company will continue to promote production and export this good.

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